What the game's been missing. 



On the Rise hip-hop songstress, Saba Jenga looks to open ears, eyes, mouths, minds and hearts with her upcoming EP.

“I’m focused on making my dreams come true no matter how absurd they may be. We only live one life that we know of and I’m tryna make an impact. I want to be many things in my lifetime.”  - Saba Jenga                                                                                                          

   In an era void of a female hip hop artist of substance, upcoming artist Saba Jenga brings a presence to the industry as if she was born to do it. Representing the DMV, she was born in the nation’s capitol and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and later in Maryland.  Growing up in her family’s reggae record store in Washington, DC crafted her dreams to be an international star. While she is heavily influenced by the sounds of Outkast, Lauryn Hill, and Kelis she is a unique songstress unlike other. With aspirations to change the world and someday be a famous hip hop leading lady, Saba began to start taking her craft seriously her sophomore year of college. While attending college at St. John’s University, Saba was forced into focusing on her music, due to an unexpected semester break. Since then, she has teamed up with  HiLo Entertainment and up and coming producers, BoZone, and James Scott producing the EP The Elevation Station a sound unprecedented to the game. A 90’s baby by birth, Saba’s melodic rhymes are very reminiscent to the flavor of her youth, but officially futuristic.

    A recent graduate of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Saba prepares to release an upcoming EP this holiday season. With an upcoming EP on the way, listeners can expect a breath of fresh air from the radio’s usual suspects meshing the likes of hip hop, neo soul, reggae and trap to create a futuristic sound unique to the lyricist.